3D Printing services

General Information:

The lab runs a 3D systems 3D printer 3510HD. The printer can print jobs in HD (High definition) and UHD (Ultra High definition), the two vary in resolution and maximum allowable size of part. Please refer to the attached specs for resolution and maximum sizes to make sure that this meets your expectations before submitting a job.

The material used is VisiJet Crystal, please also make sure that this will work for you.

Additional information about our printer can be found in this brochure: ProJet_3500_Plastic_SG.pdf

Submitting a job:

When submitting a job, please specify which resolution you want this to be printed at and if your part is measured in inches or mm. Jobs have to be submitted as .stl or .slc files via email to schweers@caltech.edu (for larger files we recommend sending them through dropbox).

Once a job is submitted, the tech will upload the job to the printer for an estimated run time and estimated use of build and support material. The tech will then contact you with the final price for your job for approval before running it.

Turnaround times vary greatly based on size of the part and availability of the printer. The tech will let you know at the time of approval of submitted job.


We revised our billing policy and are now charging a fixed usage fee plus the purchase price of the material used for each job. The fixed usage fee compensates for the service contract, purchase of post-processing material and depreciation of the printer.

If you plan on utilizing the printer a lot, we recommend participating in the annual service contract. That means, the more people contribute, the less it costs for everyone participating. The current annual service rate is $8000 and after that we would only charge for the purchase price of the material.