Shay Ohayon

This page is no longer maintained.

I  finished my PhD studies and moved to MIT to pursue a postdoc at Jim DiCarlo's lab.

Contact Info: Email: shay [dot]  ohayon [at] remove-me gmail DOT com



Ohayon S, Grimaldi P., Schweers N., Tsao D. Saccade modulation evoked by optical and electrical stimulation in the macaque frontal eye field. .Journal of Neuroscience. Volume 33 (42).

Ohayon S, Avni O., Taylor A., Egnor R.,  Perona P. Automated multi-day tracking of marked mice for the analysis of social behaviorJournal of Neuroscience Methods. Volume 219 (1). [Web Page]
Kornblith S., Cheng X., Ohayon S., Tsao D. A network for scene processing in the macaque temporal lobe, Neuron. 2013 July 25.


Ohayon S, Freiwald W, Tsao D (2012) What makes a cell face-selective? The importance of contrast. Neuron. 2012 May 10;74(3):567-81. 


Ohayon S, Tsao D (2011) MR-Guided stereotactic navigation. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 204 (2), 389-397 [pdf] [Web Page]


Netser S, Ohayon S, Gutfreund Y (2010) Multiple manifestations of microstimulation in the optic tectum: eye movements, pupil dialtions and sensory priming. Journal of Neurophysiology104(1):108-18 Apr 2010 [pdf], [movie]    


No research this year. Here is what I did instead.


Ohayon S, A computational analysis of biological behavior: interactions of gaze control and visual attention. MS Thesis. [Web Page] [pdf]  

Ohayon S,  Harmening W, Wagner H, Rivlin E (2007) Through a barn owl's eyes: interactions between scene content and visual attention. Biological Cybernetics. [Web Page] [pdf]


Ohayon S, van der Willigen RF,Wagner H, Katsman I, Rivlin E (2006) On the barn owls visual pre-attack behavior: I. structure of head movements and motion patterns. Journal of Comparative Physiology A 192(9):927–940. [Web Page] [pdf]

Ohayon S, Rivlin E: Robust 3D Head Tracking Using Camera Pose EstimationICPR (1) 2006: 1063-1066 [Web Page] [pdf]

Prior to 2006

Various research projects in the fields of Robotics, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision [Web Page]